We have the personnel, suppliers and logistics necessary for any type of event to be a success. The joint work with event centers and companies specialized in conference production makes us your best ally when planning an event or corporate congress in any city in Colombia.
  • Incentive Trips

    Having worked with some of the largest companies in the region support our work when creating a trip to encourage a group of clients, employees or guests.
  • Meetings

    Our experience and dedication ensure the correct preparation and execution of events ranging from a board of directors to a business meeting with hundreds of people. We take care of every detail, including among others transportation, logistics, food, special requirements of guests and speakers.

What do we believe in?

We have generated lasting ties with suppliers we trust

We have a specific group of providers for each city and type of event. For more than 30 years we have placed our trust in them and they in us. We do not like to improvise and we prefer not to risk the success of an event by incorporating elements that we have not tried before. 

We value our reputation and above all our clients

We pride ourselves on having a reputation built for more than 38 years in the Colombian and Latin American market. Therefore, we do not want to risk it and we do not want our clients' reputations to be at risk. We make sure that we are able to control every detail of our events and that we rely on expert providers. 

We have few clients, but all of them loyal for many years

We are not a travel agency with hundreds of clients. We have few clients and we give them our best effort so that their incentive trips, meetings and conventions are executed as they have imagined.

We have a specific niche

MICE frames a large number of types of events. We specialize in incentive trips, meetings and conventions of medium and small size. We have the staff with the necessary experience to coordinate and execute high-level events. We prefer to say NO if you don't know how to do it. 

This is what makes us different

Support from Local Suppliers

We have offices and local suppliers in the main cities of Colombia such as Bogotá, Cartagena and Medellín. With this we seek to reduce the risks associated with ignorance of the environment. 

100% bespoke to your need

Each of the services we provide is designed together with our clients, taking into account their needs and the special conditions of the event. No two events are the same.  

Differentiated teams for execution and planning

We make sure to assign an event manager and a specific planning team to accompany you throughout the event. In turn, this team is in charge of directing and ensuring that the execution team and suppliers do their work as agreed in the planning stage.

Constant Monitoring and Evaluation

As part of our ISO quality certification we have convinced ourselves that everything is subject to improvement through an evaluation and implementation of continuous improvement actions. That is why we have taken care of monitoring the different stages of your event and we love receiving your feedback to ensure that the next times it turns out even better.  
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